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    3 products

    Discover the Swiss Arabian fragrance collection

    The Swiss Arabian perfume collection invites you to explore the bewitching universe of oriental perfumes and Arabic perfumes . These luxurious and refined fragrances are designed for lovers of sophisticated and daring perfumes. The Swiss Arabian collection offers a selection of unisex fragrances suitable for different seasons and occasions.

    OUD 01: a precious and warm olfactory experience

    OUD 01 is a unisex fragrance that transports you to a luxurious and captivating universe. This fragrance opens with notes of raspberry and violet, accompanied by a touch of cumin and cardamom. The heart of the perfume reveals an opulent alliance of Turkish rose and lily of the valley, while the base notes blend golden amber, leather and precious oud for a unique and bewitching olfactory experience.

    MUSK 07: an explosion of fruits and musks

    MUSK 07 is a gourmet and musky fragrance that seduces with its richness and depth. The top notes unveil a luxurious burst of mouth-watering fruit, with pomegranate and blackcurrant bringing their juicy opulence. Floral notes of rose and lily of the valley blend deliciously with musks and patchouli for a seductive and memorable finish.

    OUD 07: the elegance and splendor of the gourmet oud

    OUD 07 is a premium unisex fragrance that celebrates the opulence and richness of oriental scents. This fragrance opens with precious notes of golden saffron and blooming rose, followed by a gourmet heart of praline, Akigala wood and white amber. Warm vanilla and captivating musks complete this refined and daring composition, ideal for cooler seasons.

    ROSE 01: a romantic floral fantasy

    ROSE 01 is a floral and fruity fragrance that transports you to a mythical garden worthy of a goddess. Top notes of lychee and rhubarb blend harmoniously with a heart of Bulgarian rose, lily of the valley and peony to create a crown of romantic flowers. The base of vanilla, musk and cashmere wood brings a touch of velvety and elegance to this enchanting composition.

    AMBER 01: a golden and warm coat

    AMBER 01 is such a unisex fragrance that envelops your senses in a golden, warm mantle of precious amber. The fragrance opens with bright notes of fresh mandarin and black pepper, then evolves into a floral heart of rose, jasmine and luxurious cashmeran. Base notes of patchouli, cedar, amber and vanilla add mesmerizing depth and richness, making AMBER 01 a perfect choice for cooler seasons.

    Our collection of Swiss Arabian fragrances invites you to immerse yourself in a universe of oriental and Arabic scents , where each fragrance tells a unique and captivating story. Whether you are looking for a perfume for yourself or to give as a gift, the Swiss Arabian collection offers various options at the best price that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. Let yourself be seduced by their oriental notes that are sure to turn heads.

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