Ultra Private Collection By iGOR

4 products

    4 products

    Discover the exceptional " Ultra Privé By iGOR " collection, a selection of rare and luxurious fragrances for lovers of unique perfumes. This private collection embodies elegance and uniqueness, offering unique olfactory creations for an incomparable sensory experience.

    Bold fragrances Ultra Privé By iGOR

    The Ultra Black perfume will transport you to a bewitching universe thanks to its fruity, green and woody notes, while the Love Coco by iGOR perfume will seduce you with its sweetness and exoticism, combining anise, almond, floral notes and coconut. perfume Ghost by iGOR will surprise you with its harmonious blend of fruits, flowers and gourmet notes for a unique and captivating composition. Finally, the Billie by iGOR fragrance will enchant you with its fruity, woody and musky tones, revealing a refined yet powerful fragrance.

    Treat yourself to an ultra private perfume for unique scents

    By opting for a perfume from the Private Collection By iGOR , you choose a fragrance that reflects your personality and your style, thus creating an inimitable olfactory signature.

    Make your choice among these exceptional perfumes during this private sale and let yourself be carried away by extraordinary olfactory creations. The Ultra Privé By iGOR collection is an invitation to explore a world of unique scents, where each fragrance is a work of art in its own right. Find our latest unique range RP Parfums a collection of perfumes at the best price for Men and Women!

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